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PVX Plus Continues a Holiday Tradition

In what is becoming a yearly event for us, the PVX Plus team once again used a slow day at the office to shop for holiday gifts — not for ourselves, but to donate to the Markham Fire and Emergency Services Annual Toy Drive. We enjoy lending a hand shopping and are happy to know […]

Yes, You Can Master Project Organization

Developers seldom have the luxury of working on a single project at one time. Juggling multiple assignments can become confusing when each project requires specific development environments or there are simply too many programs, panels, and data files to keep track of easily. One of the advantages of using the PxPlus IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is […]

The PxPlus SQL Evolution Revolution

Things evolve in order to survive and flourish. Just like PxPlus has evolved to adapt to newer technologies, so has SQL, and as such, we need to keep pace with its evolution. SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is a standardized method of accessing data from a database or file system. The first versions […]

Video: Give Queries a Fresh New Look

When entering data, it is often quicker and easier to select a value from a list than to remember a value to type in. Providing a list of choices helps to ensure the accuracy of the data entered in a field. Most modern interfaces allow users to get the information they need right on the […]

Don’t Get Left Behind! Keep Your Software Up to Date

Software developers know how important it is for users to install updates. Even so, it’s not always convenient to apply the latest fix to a production system. The keys are to help users understand why the update is important and to make the update process easy to complete. We at PVX Plus understand the challenge — and aim […]

Get the Highest ROI When Your Biggest Investment Is Time

CAI Software LLC, established in 1978 and headquartered in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is a leading business consulting and software development company and a premier provider of industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and IT support services to small and medium-size businesses. Since its inception, the CAI Software team has had the opportunity to work with […]

Looking to the Future with Len Vassos, Director of Development

Looking to the Future with Len Vassos, Director of Development Len Vassos has a long history with PVX Plus Technologies. In November of 2013, he brought that experience directly to our company, joining us as Software Development Manager. This fall, we are pleased to announce that Len is moving to a new role: Director of […]

How to Create Interactive Charts with PxPlus

Charts provide a good way for businesses to see the big picture. With a glance, personnel can analyze a breakdown of their yearly sales by month, product, or customer. What if they want to find out more information while they’re looking at a chart? With PxPlus, you can create interactive charts that let users not […]

Online Documentation That’s Constantly Improving

Software development is never routine. Even when you’re programming in familiar territory, you frequently need to adapt modules, customize interfaces, or add features that might be new — or just new to you. That’s why documentation is a constant process. Documentation isn’t a static set of instructions, but a living communication tool. As long as […]

Hands-On: Designing Documentation that Users Can Actually Use

A little knowledge is dangerous. This is sometimes the case with software users. They’re more tech-savvy than ever before. Sometimes, they try to resolve common technical issues on their own. They might get frustrated, though, if they can’t find the information they need. Worse yet, they might apply the wrong solution — or incorrectly apply […]

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