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Computer AssociatesCAI Software LLC, established in 1978 and headquartered in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is a leading business consulting and software development company and a premier provider of industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and IT support services to small and medium-size businesses.

Since its inception, the CAI Software team has had the opportunity to work with many forward-thinking companies that have embraced technology-enabled process changes within their organizations. Today, its clients represent a diverse range of industries and CAI Software has an international footprint with clients that are located across North America, the EMEA region (which includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), and Asia.

CAI Software’s IT services division, CAI Managed IT, is a Managed Services Provider offering enterprise-class services that help small and medium-size businesses secure their IT infrastructures and eliminate network disruptions before they cause expensive downtime.

Setting the standard in industry-specific ERP solutions
The company’s ERP software solutions provide a host of integrated software tools that enhance its customers’ business processes and help them improve profitability. From sales management to barcode-enabled inventory and traceability control to manufacturing, delivery, and financial reporting, CAI Software’s software drives efficiencies and helps customers to lower costs. For more than 20 years, the PxPlus Development Suite from PVX Plus Technologies has provided the underlying foundation of CAI’s solutions.

Chris Kudla, Vice President of Product Development for CAI, says, “PxPlus has been instrumental in our ability to adapt our solutions to different markets and has facilitated this cross-industry pollination. Its extensible core architecture and well-defined APIs [application programming interfaces] let our developers add or change functionality without compromising the existing, proven solutions that are in place. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to implement this flexible, rapid application development platform.”

Chris adds, “We’ve built our business practices in each vertical by being responsive to our clients’ evolving business needs. This customer-driven approach has resulted in long-term, successful partnerships with leading brands and the companies behind them. Each of our practices takes an entrepreneurial approach to understanding and supporting their customers’ organizations, and we have a great sense of pride in our ability to provide world-class business management solutions. We give PxPlus a lot of credit for helping to make that happen. They’ve been an excellent partner through the years.”

PxPlus: A pathway to the cloud
The growth of the Internet has driven the recent evolution of next-generation ERP solutions that provide businesses with uninhibited, browser-based access to their critical business information. The ability for companies to do business (and empower their customers do business with them) wherever and whenever and share data from any device, including tablets, smartphones, warehouse inventory scanners, and any other industry-specific data collection tools, has become a “must-have” for ERP solutions providers, and CAI Software has been leading the pack.

“PVX Plus Technologies’ PxPlus and iNomads have allowed us to capitalize on the mobility trend while adding significant value to our apps,” Chris says. “We’ve been able to consistently develop and deliver value-added, fully Web-enabled applications that our customers require.”

Each of CAI’s ERP solutions features a series of integrated Web-based “portals” that help companies do business 24/7 and improve customer service. For example, the company’s Sales Portal streamlines sales by enabling salespeople to generate quotes and place orders on the road, at a customer’s site, or in the office.

“If you’ve got an Internet connection, you’ve got your business, too!” Chris adds.

CAI Software also offers a Mobile Sales Desk (MSD) tool for Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphones. Using their phones, customers can establish a secure link to their ERP software running on the host server and get full access to essential information. At the touch of the screen, the MSD app provides a convenient set of screens with customer contact information, on-hand inventory counts, promotions, delivery routes, and more.

The company’s Web-enabled Customer Portal is another example of leveraging the ”always-on” characteristic of the Web to help clients, increase sales, and improve service. The Customer Portal is a business-to-business customer support solution that enables its clients’ customers to obtain quotes, place orders, access previous orders, and view account statements, previous purchase orders, adjustments, payments, and more — without having to work through a salesperson or be limited to just “normal” business hours.

CAI Software’s Mobile Delivery Ticket (MDT) is another prime example of how PxPlus and iNomads have aided in the company’s mobile revolution. No matter the industry, customer delivery disputes, write-offs, and misrouted shipments not only waste time and cost money but over time can also result in lost business. The MDT has made the days of delivery drivers fumbling for a clipboard, paperwork, and a pen a thing of the past. Accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop PC, the MDT provides convenient electronic signature capture.

“Instead of an invoice and ordering system that hinges on hard copies, an electronic signature allows delivery personnel to obtain a signature from a customer by signing the screen on the driver’s mobile device with a finger or a stylus pen. This online delivery-confirmation and proof-of-delivery tool eliminates delivery disputes with instant verification and electronic signature signoff of all deliveries,” Chris says.

Jim McCooey, President of CAI Software, says, “PVX Plus Technologies has been at the forefront of advanced technology. We’re confident that as new opportunities arise, they will be there for us, helping us to develop state-of-the-art solutions that enhance our customers’ businesses and to continue to set the standard for business management software in the markets we serve.”

Is your company ready for business today — and in the future? Let the PxPlus experts help you gear up. Contact us by email at theplus@pvxplus.com or by phone at 1-888-975-PLUS, become a member of our community by joining the PVX Plus mailing list, and log in to use our online support forums and services.

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