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Looking to the Future with Len Vassos, Director of Development

Looking to the Future with Len Vassos, Director of Development

Len Vassos has a long history with PVX Plus Technologies. In November of 2013, he brought that experience directly to our company, joining us as Software Development Manager.

This fall, we are pleased to announce that Len is moving to a new role: Director of Development.

“In my role as Software Development Manager, I’ve had responsibility for overseeing all development work, supervising our developer and customer support teams, and initiating and managing new enhancements. As Director, I’ll take that product focus to an even more strategic level,” Len says.

Len’s team is always striving to provide a great toolset for our customers to work with and to drive innovation and improvements for the PxPlus platform. For example, last year, the development team:

  • Released PxPlus 2014, one of our most significant upgrades and a major investment in the continued growth of PxPlus
  • Introduced processes in our software development life cycle, helping us to be more agile in responding to customer and product issues — and to new opportunities we see on the horizon
  • Introduced an online update to deliver timely minor enhancements and fixes

“Our customers have invested significantly over the years in their software products. My objective is to provide the tools they need to keep their software relevant and allow it to grow. As new technologies evolve, we need to embrace them and add them to PxPlus,” Len says.

As Director of Development, Len still believes his most important function is supporting our customers. As he and the PxPlus team strategize about the next iteration of PxPlus, they are focusing on the technologies and enhancements that are the most critical.

“In PxPlus 2016, we’ll be focusing on the Web side of development, so our customers can look forward to even greater improvements to iNOMADS and greater accessibility to the browser for their applications. Additionally, we’re making major improvements to our ODBC driver.”

We are looking forward to continuing to grow and innovate with Len and the Software Development team!

A Mini DireXions with Conversation … and Lobster!

The PxPlus developer community has always been one that welcomes all and invites interaction. In July, Dave Fullerton, owner of Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software and 30-plus-year PxPlus veteran, extended the idea of community to a personal level.

Dave and his wife Carol Ann invited PVX developers and team members to their home in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, for what he dubbed “Mini DireXions.”

We and several customers from around the Maritimes (and even one from Victoria, BC!) spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the beautiful views from Dave’s home, along with an amazing lobster dinner.


Front (left to right): Dave Fullerton, DL Fullerton Programming & Consulting Inc.; Cindy Liboiron, CL Software Ltd.; and Ed Kennedy, Computerease Ltd.
Back (left to right): Paul Robinson, Event Software; Ed Jack, Computerease Ltd.; Mike King, PVX Plus Technologies; Graham Shauffenburg, DL Fullerton Programming & Consulting Inc.

The whole group enjoyed comparing notes about their experiences with PxPlus and the PVX community while finding camaraderie in a personal visit with our generous hosts.

Thank you to Dave and Carol Ann!

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