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Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software

Can you think of any business that’s been using the same software for more than 30 years? It’s rare, given that the needs of businesses change over time. However, it’s not impossible. Dave Fullerton has a client that has used every iteration of his Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software for almost 35 years, despite frequent changes in laws as well as banking and tax regulations.

The accounting software is built using the PxPlus Development Suite, which makes it easy to incorporate changes, according to Dave, owner of DL Fullerton Programming and Consulting. PxPlus is not only easy to use but also flexible, allowing one code to run in any environment while adapting to changing technologies and end user requirements. It’s an ideal environment for both seasoned and new developers. PxPlus is especially effective for those who want to build clientele and businesses without being constrained by mainstream programming environments.

PxPlus for the new century — and beyond

Dave was first exposed to the accounting software that would become Lighthouse when he was a junior programmer, back in the days of minicomputers. By 1997, Dave was helping clients prepare for Year 2000 (Y2K) issues. At the same time, applications were moving toward graphical interfaces. He connected with Michael King, President and Chief Technical Officer of PVX Plus Technologies, who assured him that with the right tools, moving to a GUI would be easy.

“To be quite honest, I wasn’t so sure at first,” Dave notes. “It turns out that Mike was right.”

With the help of PVX Plus, Dave migrated the accounting software to a graphical environment and made it Y2K compliant. The result was the Lighthouse Legal Accounting Software. In 2004, Dave acquired the rights to Lighthouse software, and he hasn’t looked back. He loves the freedom of being able to devote focused attention to customers and be in control of his career and business.

Time for a fresh look

Last August, Dave attended the DireXions+ Conference and learned about all the new features in PxPlus 2014, especially those that enable enhancements to the visual aspects of software. Lighthouse was looking a little dated, so Dave began to apply what he learned. In just 2 months, he updated his entire application.

Lighthouse now has a modern look and feel, but customers can still find what they’re looking for. It’s crucial to strike a balance between enhancements and usability, according to Dave. You need to enhance the look and navigation without making changes so drastic that users have to relearn the software. In other words, you want to make the software better, not unrecognizable.

“People are really busy,” Dave explains. “They don’t have time to sit down and try to learn a new version of an application that looks completely different.”

The value of DireXions+

According to Dave, the DireXions+ Conference is one of the best investments he makes each year. Besides learning how to improve his software, he has access to the PVX Plus staff, from programmers and support specialists all the way up to Mike.

For example, at the conference, Mike gave Dave a utility that helps change the look of screens that have folders.

“I had to adjust it a little bit, but it saved me a lot of time,” Dave says. “One of the nice things about dealing with the people at PVX Plus Technologies is that they’re very accessible and helpful.”

It’s easy to reach out to PVX Plus staff as well as other programmers through the community mailing list.

“It really is a community,” Dave says.

The programmers help each other during business hours and even get together for social events when they can. In fact, Dave is hosting a gathering at his house this summer.

“There will be up to 20 people having lobster and steaks while talking PxPlus,” he laughs.

One issue that will likely be discussed during this gathering is how to encourage new programmers to get involved with PxPlus. Although it’s a great product, a lot of young developers aren’t aware of how valuable it can be as an alternative to big-name platforms, according to Dave. PxPlus programmers need to help spread the word about its virtues.

Why use PxPlus

New programmers might be wondering why they should use PxPlus instead of one of the mainstream platforms. According to Dave, it’s a great product that can be used for just about any programming task. He says, “It’s easy to use because you’re not dealing with executable code. In addition, you’re able to use only the features you need and not be encumbered with those you don’t need.”

For Dave, though, the best benefit of PxPlus is the ability to easily support his clients. If a client wants something changed, it takes only a short time to make that change.

“PxPlus lets you be very focused on customer support,” says Dave.

As a result, you can quickly give clients what they need, and satisfied clients are the best clients.

There’s a reason developers prefer PxPlus! Email theplus@pvxplus.com or call 1-888-975-PLUS today to learn more.

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